lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

No a la venta, documental.

TITLE: Not for sale

ABSTRACT: A Documentry of the Observatorio for Corporate Social responsibility, coproduced by Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED).

The people all around the world are becoming increasingly dependent on a small number of large multinational businesses. Monsanto controls 90% of the production of genetically modified seeds. Microsoft holds 88.26% market share of the software industry, followed by apple with Mac who hold 9.93%. Everyday 150 million people throughout the world buy a Unilever product without even realising it. Mc Donalds, serve 58.1million meals a day around the world. Of the 100 largest economies of the world, 51 of them are businesses. The state loses power at the same rate as businesses gain it. Globalisation has created a context which requires a redefinition of the rules for the global 21st century society.

Within this context rises the debate of Social Corporate Responsibility or of (CSR) companies emerging at the starting point from which they can re-establish the balance between economic development, sustainable environment and the social development needed in order to build the new society that we long for. Even though a gradual interest in Coporate Social Responsibility is being created, as much in business circles as in social circles, the process is still slow.

Financed by: Cajasol Foundation
Keywords: Business, Globalisation, Crisis, Multinational, Corporate Social Repsonsibility, CSR. Human Rights, Economy, Tax haven.

Un documental coproducido por la UNED, en el CEMAV, para la iniciativa "NO A LA VENTA" del Observatorio de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (RSC), ( "una asociación integrada por quince organizaciones representativas de la sociedad civil, entre las que se encuentran ONG, sindicatos y organizaciones de consumidores/as. Es una red que fomenta la participación y cooperación entre organizaciones sociales que, desde diferentes puntos de vista, trabajan en Responsabilidad Social Corporativa."
Entre las entidades colaboradoras se encuentra la UNED

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