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Phrasal Verbs with Take

Phrasal Verb TAKE
The phrasal verb take, like get, is one of the more popular English phrasal verbs. Look over the list below and then do the exercise that follows. 

Check your answers when you are through to see how well you know the phrasal verb take. 

TAKE AFTER = resemble a parent - similar to 

Most people say I take after my father. I look a lot like him. 

TAKE AROUND = introduce, show 

Let me take you around to those you don't know. 

TAKE AWAY = A. remove B. leave (mentally, in your mind) 

A. Mother took the toys away from the children for misbehaving. 
B. The smell of coconut oil took me away to a tropical island. 

TAKE BACK = A. retract sth said B. return sth to a store, exchange 

A. The politician tried to take back what he said to the press. 
B. The gift I received didn't fit, so I took it back and exchanged it for sth else. 

TAKE DOWN = A. write what is spoken, keep notes B. remove 

A. The secretary took down the minutes of the meeting 
B. The building owners had to take down the wifi tower on top of their building. 

TAKE FOR = consider, view 

Don't take him for an idiot... he's actually quite smart. 

TAKE IN = A. learn B. deceive C. make smaller D. watch 

A. Many students have difficulties taking in all these phrasal verbs. 
B. She was taken in by the smooth talking salesman. 
C. The tailor took in my jacket after I lost weight
D. Let's take in a movie sometime. 

TAKE OFF = A. launch plane or rocket B. remove C. leave work for some time D. leave 

A. The rocket took off with a loud blast and cloud of smoke. 
B. "Take off your shoes, I just vacuumed," said mother. 
C. I took a few days off of work last week as I was a bit sick. 
D. We took off after the last bell rang. 

TAKE ON = accept responsibilities 

She has taken on more than she can handle I'm afraid. 

TAKE OVER = take control of 

Mike took over the family business when his father retired. 

TAKE OUT = A. date, court B. kill C. remove 

A. I am taking Jill out to a movie tonight. 
B. The mob ordered a hit on three fingers Tony. They are going to take him out. 
C. He had to take out the garbage after dinner

TAKE TO = A. like B. adjust naturally 

A. She has really taken to John since she's been here visiting. 
B. The baby ducks took to the water like, well, ducks to water. 

TAKE UP = A. begin a hobby B. discuss at later time C. shorten a garment D. occupy space 

A. "Who took up archery? I see the bow and arrows over there." 
B. This should be taken up at the next meeting. 
C. "She's nuts! She wants her mini skirt taken up." 
D. "He takes up too much space. Do we have to share a room?" 

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